Research Projects

TALOS – Intra-organizational Secure Mobile Communication

The challenge

Threats to mobile terminals are becoming more widespread and are evolving very quickly in the context of the rapid development of the mobile market. Thus, computer threats aimed at stealing personal data and authentication details in bank accounts are increasingly gaining ground in the mobile terminal landscape. If viruses that send SMS to premium numbers are still at the top in terms of the number of attacks, the new, more complex, ransomware threats – blocking the terminal and demanding the payment of a fine – and bank viruses are making steady increases.

Mobile device security approach within an organization Organizations must respond to these challenges and to many others. Loss or theft of mobile devices as well as their use for non-business purposes are realities with which IT departments are constantly facing.

Threats are various, focused on three levels:

  • 1. Mobile device
  • 2. Communication network
  • 3. Service offered to the user

Thus, the security approach needs to be addressed on several levels, such as:

  • 1. Mobile Device Management
  • 2. Creating secure containers
  • 3. Enterprise features on mobile devices
  • 4. Voice communications / secure messaging
  • 5. Users training.

Our solution

The research project seeks to respond to all of the stringent cyber security requirements in all economic sectors, both at regional and national level, that target electronic communications between telecommunication terminals by proposing an innovative security solution for communications, with the purpose of eliminating the risks of:

  • Interception of voice or data traffic, weather it is encrypted or not;
  • Theft of telecommunication terminals;
  • Violating cyber security of telecommunication devices by installing software that contains malware;
  • Man in the Middle attacks on data traffic over public or private telecommunication networks;
  • Cloning of SIM cards or phones;
  • Use of our application by unauthorised persons;
  • Use of informational resources of public or private systems;
  • Theft of SIM card encryption keys in the market.


The development of an innovative secure messaging technology product for public and private actors in Romania, using high-confidential data.

This platform seeks to ensure:

  • End-to-end encryption
  • GDPR Compliance
  • Hosting the platform in the client’s data center or private cloud
  • Seamless integration with enterprise apps
  • Increased terminal security (Mobile Device Management)
  • Close to home solution vendor for services.

Basically, the result of this project provides integrated technological support for secure communication services in any organization that values the confidentiality of its data.

This project is co-financed with funding from the European Regional Development Fund – Priority Axis 2 – “Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for a competitive digital economy”, through the Operational Competitiveness Program 2014-2020. The content of this material does not necessarily represent an official position of the European Union or the Government of Romania.