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The company is part of a greater ecosystem designed to build, transform and innovate the world we live in. So far, our intentions, inspiration and expertise were best applied in and through domains such as information technology, printing, drones, consultancy and public relations services.

At Trencadis we carry out projects from scratch and provide services for all stages of development of the solution: solution definition, project management, solution design, development, testing and implementation. Our team gathers experts performing in different fields of activity. A talented set of product managers, solution architects, business analysts, developers, testers and graphic designers comprise our energetic team.

We innovate the public sector by continually adapting to the latest trends in technology, design and communication, to support its consolidation and increase its capacity to meet the needs of society.

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IT Integration Services

IT projects are not only about software. Most of our customers require turn key solutions to the addressed problem. These scenarios, to achieve successful go live, need extensive knowledge, different from software development, such as solution architecture and interoperability, hardware infrastructure planning and provisioning, complex production environment deployment, security architecture, change management or solution lifecycle management. Trencadis has accumulated such knowledge in order to secure such complex system delivery.


Software Development

We use the latest technologies that are popular and cost effective. Our team develops publishing platforms focusing on attractive multimedia content by using images and videos. We use a clean, sharp, professional design that adapts to the future growth of our clients’ business. We put emphasis on branding by using agile strategy, rapid prototyping and active collaboration.



We offer shorter delivery and competitive prices for our developed solutions. We develop and enrich their applications with new functionalities. We deliver reliable and secure products suitable for all environments.
We deliver integrated, scalable, robust solutions with the optimal cost/performance ratio.


We Transform


We innovate the public sector by continuously adjusting it to the latest developments in technology, design and communication, in order to strengthen and increase its capacity to meet the requirements and needs of society.
Through our solutions in terms of technology, design, and communication, adjusted to the specific of each institution, we aim to:
• Computerize the state-citizen interaction
• Implement an open communication system between citizens and public institutions, which enables direct involvement of the citizens in the processes of goal - setting and implementing public reforms
• Create an image of the state that reflects freshness, trust, optimism, and performance


Cyber Security Services

Since 2018 we enriched our portfolio with a range of specialized services in cyber security. These services are highly effective and cover: DevOps/DevSecOps/DevSecOps-as-a-Service, Penetration Testing (Black box, Gray box, White box), Vulnerability Research, Digital/Cyber Forensics, Cyber Intelligence.


Support & Maintenance

A team of professionals, 100% committed to support activities, who interact with infrastructure, software systems and client users through a VPN site-to-site connection, providing very short response times. The corrective solution is delivered quickly, via remote access methods, through our on-site consultants or by telephone, in collaboration with the customer's team of users. Our clients for software application maintenance are medium and large companies in various industries (telecommunications, production, banks, utilities, distribution).


How do we do it?

Our technical competencies

We offer shorter delivery and competitive prices for our developed solutions. We develop and enrich their applications with new functionalities. We deliver reliable and secure products suitable for all environments.

We deliver integrated, scalable, robust solutions with the optimal cost/performance ratio using the following technologies:


















We innovate

LANDERA - Land Management Suite

Landera is a product designed for improving land management systems, drawn up as the informatics backbone of cadastral services handled by public institutions and other organizations from this domain. We extracted the most important knowledge from our 11 years’ experience and combined it with our expertise and knowledge (more than 100 years of accumulated cadaster land management services experience, working with SOA, Java, Oracle, PostgreSQL, DB, Cloud, GIS ESRI, Open GIS and many others), with the objective of achieving a highly configurable and flexible set of components. The Romanian Cadaster Management Agency runs their office on the solution developed by our team.

X-ALERT - Early Warning Systems

The X-ALERT platform is a nationwide early warning system that ensures instant and seamless alerting of population in case of emergency situations. By integrating telecom infrastructures, TV and Radio broadcasters networks and other alerting infrastructures, the platform provides a highly secure tool for emergency response agencies to reduce loss of lives and property. Alerts are being delivered on the most frequently used communication channels with no requirements from the alerted citizens. Since 2018 the Romanian government uses X-ALERT.

ATMIS - Air Traffic Control Simulator

In our effort to deliver more solution for the Public Safety sector we have developed an air traffic control simulator. It is a platform for Air Navigation Services Providers worldwide and any other training organizations that prepares Air Traffic Controllers. Using our system 3D Towers and RADAR simulators complex 360 degree environments are recreated full ATC experience replication. The solution covers both ROUTE, APPROACH and TOWER exercises and has a strong focus on safety scenarios.

Traffic Management

  • Integrated system for managing deviations from road traffic regulations and fines
  • Collect and process data received from physical infrastructure monitoring equipment or traffic monitoring solutions to identify deviations from the road regulations and passing them through a verification / validation process for issuing and transmitting protocols corresponding to different means of communications (SMS, e-mail, mobile app)

Energy Management

  • Buildings energy consumption monitoring and optimization system, with dedicated components for collecting, storing, aggregating and processing data from buildings’ equipment.
  • Costs reductions associated with utilities (water, gas, electricity, heating) and ensured optimal level of comfort and safety
  • Cloud based, consolidated BMS

Monitoring platform

  • Orchestrates the collection and interpretation of hardware and software functional parameters
  • Real-time and near-real-time relevant monitoring metrics
  • Interactive visualization dashboard with synthetic and historical data
  • Incident alerts

Trencadis CRM

  • Automated set of tools, procedures and strategies that aim to improve customer relationships, automate and improve billing and support
  • Supports organizations in attracting the most profitable customers and generating new opportunities for existing customers

Trencadis Learning Management System

  • Learning-centric management platform, blending formal and informal learning, for businesses training employees, partners and customers
  • Content Interoperability And Course Management, making it easy to integrate already owned material

Trencadis Call Center Medical

  • Centralized call center system for optimized intervention triggered by patient emergency calls
  • Automated transfer of socio-medical patient information to the ambulance crew
  • Complete teleassistance functionalities
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We’re a group of ambitious, creative, autonomous people who believing that:

Technology must be art that is always in the service of people

Our team can innovate, build, model, and thus contribute actively to the development of society

The success of a well-done project is a business card which recommends us for future projects

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Currently, Trencadis is the most powerful Romanian entity in Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA ranking, which periodically review the most dynamic technology companies in the region. It is part of the 62 Central European group of companies that have made it to the ranking.

Also, 2018 is the fourth year for the company in Deloitte Technology Fast 50 CE ranking, with a revenue growth of 730% in the last four years, rising to 13th place, compared to 19th place in the previous year.

The quality of the services we provide is strengthen also through our ISO certifications.


We managed to develop projects throughout which we reinvented the way important public institutions interact with citizens. Thus, we increased productivity and our customers’ satisfaction, we raised the value of Romanian institutions and at the same time we kept the costs to a minimum.













Innovation and flexibility are necessary ingredients for progress. Based on these values we build strong relationships with every client and we provide them with customized solutions according to their specific needs.


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