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Join Trencadis if:

You want to specialize and acquire new knowledge and experiences in a dynamic and versatile environment

You are passionate about the latest technologies

You want to share your expertise by building software solutions at the highest levels


  • Passion for technology and for building computer applications
  • Technical knowledge and expertise

Development opportunities for you:

  • Working in research and innovation projects
  • Working on national and international projects
  • Working on projects that are aimed at improving life pf citizens
  • Working with the latest technologies, standards, protocols
  • Finding the space and the freedom you need to express your ideas, initiatives, to actively contribute to everything we do

The Good News:

  • The work schedule is flexible, we will plan together your daily hours
  • Competitive salary
  • Benefits designed to ensure work life balance

How to apply?

Send us your CV and let us know what your motivation is for joining the Trencadis team at:

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after which we'll contact you for a meeting.

Your work

Projects you might be involved in

Building Efficiency Management Platform


This product will help those in charge of building management to optimize the costs of utilities but will also help building occupants by increasing the levels of comfort and safety.


Effective building management contributes directly to:

  • Increased awareness of building utilities, equipment, consumption, security and cost information status
  • Incident prevention through careful management of equipment and alerting systems
  • Analyses and predictions based on consumption history that add value to the decision-makers of the building.

The solution can run on multiple types of equipment (smartphone, tablet, desktop, laptop, etc.). It will collect data from the equipment and systems provided by the building, from which it will extract relevant information for each client (history, status, forecast, recommendations), and will transform them into knowledge that will reduce consumption and make life easier for everyone in the building.

Traffic Management Platform


The product is designed to handle data collection from equipment installed in car parkings, on roads, etc. (sensors, video cameras, etc.) in order to turn them into viable, predictive, real-time information about traffic and its impact in other areas, to facilitate optimal use of human resources.

Among the benefits:

  • Streaming of teal-time traffic information
  • Automating the issue of fines
  • Sending just in time notifications and alerts reporting traffic incidents and events.

Secure messaging platform


The product will be an indispensable tool in any organization that is concerned with data confidentiality.

Text, image, audio, video, documents, location coordinates will all be shared in a secure, encrypted way that does not jeopardize the quality and security of the information.

The devices used will be managed remotely (blocked / unblocked), and the platform will also provide automatic archiving, back-up and auditing.

The terminals can be fixed or mobile (desktop systems, or smart smartphones or tablet smart devices).

Used technologies:

Spring Framework, POSTGRESQL, REDIS, ElasticSearch, Beats, Filebeat, Metricbeat, Packetbeat, Winlogbeat, Auditbeat,  Heartbeat, Elastalert, Curator, Oauth, MONGODB, Java, ELK Logstash, ELK Kibana, OpeniD Connect, RabbitMQ and many others.

Your colleagues are:

  • Always ready to help develop and support you when you hit roadblocks
  • Up to date with latest technologies
  • Creative, surprising and very funny
  • Team oriented, positive and result oriented
  • Attentive to details but never lose sight of the big picture

Most of the have graduated from a technical, automated or computer faculty, etc

What do we believe in?

  • We believe technology must be an art that is always in the service of people.
  • We trust that our team can innovate, build, model, and thus contribute actively to the development of society.
  • We believe that the delivery of a well-implemented project is a recommendation for new projects.